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 Dr Pepper contracted with The Shonk Co for the production of Shonk standard design plates with Dr Pepper advertising applied to the top or the bottom of the front border areas. Eight plates have been found with Dr Pepper advertising on the front. Those plates are – 101 Afu Capri – 102 Una Gitana – 103 In Gedanken – 104 Poesie – 105 Irene – 106 Phantasie -  107 Odalisque and 111 Roses. In some cases, these plates are found with the Dr Pepper advertising plus advertising for an individual area distributor.

Shonk 101 - Afu Capri


Shonk 102 - Una Gitana


Shonk 103 - In Gedanken


Shonk 104 - Poesie


Shonk 105 - Irene


Shonk 106 - Phantasie


Shonk 107 - Odalisque


Shonk 111 - Roses


In 1885, Charles Alderson was a young pharmacist who worked at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store in Waco, Texas. In his spare time, he enjoyed mixing and serving drinks at Morrison’s Soda Fountain. He liked the array of syrup smells that were present and began experimenting with creating a drink with a taste that would reflect those odors. Alderson kept a journal and eventually created a mix that he liked. After some sample testing with very positive reactions, Alderson and Morrison began offering it to Morrison’s fountain customers. Morrison is credited with naming the drink Dr Pepper but there is an array of unconfirmed stories of how the name was selected and its true origin.

The drink quickly became quite popular with customers and other fountain operators began buying the syrup from Alderson and Morrison which quickly presented a problem as they could no longer produce enough syrup to meet demand. Robert S. Lazenby of Waco, who had developed and was producing Circle A Ginger Ale, was also impressed with the drink. Alderson was most interested in his pharmacy work and suggested that Morrison and Lazenby develop the drink further which they did.

 In 1891 Lazenby and Morrison formed the Artesian Manufacturing & Bottling Co. which produced both Dr Pepper and Circle A. In 1904, Dr Pepper was introduced to millions of visitors at the St. Louis World’s Fair creating a national interest in the drink. Artesian built a new facility in Waco in 1906 but later relocated to Dallas in 1923. One year later Artesian was renamed the Dr Pepper Co. By 1946 Dr Pepper was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1986 Dr. Pepper merged with Seven-Up. In 1995 Dr Pepper / Seven Up was purchased by Cadbury Schweppes and The Carlyle Group.  In a 2008 spin-off, it became the independent Dr Pepper Snapple Group producing an array of recognizes drink brands.


 The museum is located in the old 1906 Artesian Bottling building at Fifth Street and Mary Avenue in Waco. That vacant and dilapidated building, in a then blighted manufacturing area, was donated to a non-profit organization in 1988 by Dr Pepper. The building was partially renovated and opened to the public in 1991. After additional renovation phases, the entire building was renovated and opened in 1997. It currently contains an extensive and expanding soda history collection which is on exhibit to the public for an admission fee.

Dr Pepper Museum: http://www.drpeppermuseum.com/

Early Dr Pepper Bottle


Dr Pepper Porcelain Tray Circa 1890s


Syrup Dispenser


Dr Pepper Pin Tray


Early Tin Dr Pepper Tray


Early Tin Dr Pepper Tray


Dr Pepper Calendar


Dr Pepper Art Deco Clock


Dr Pepper Cardboard Display


Dr Pepper Store Display Cooler Ice Chest


Dr Pepper Metal Car Circa 1940s


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