Western Coca-Cola Bottling Co.of Chicago was owned by J. T. Lupton and was formed in 1905 after a split from another bottler. In the beginning of 1907, S. L. Whitten, the manager of Western, wrote to Chandler stating that they did not make money last year but that they are “working along lines somewhat differing from our work of last year.” That “somewhat differing” approach turned out to be, to the chagrin of Chandler, the use of some overtly sexual advertising.

Apparently, as a part of that advertising campaign, it was in 1907 that Western contracted with H. D Beach for the production of eight standard Beach plate designs bearing a special Vienna Art Plate – Western Coca-Cola Bottling Co. mark on the back. Those plates are believed to have been distributed by Western from 1907 to about 1909


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