This plate differs from 206A in that 206A has a gloss finish and Jack is wearing a red hat with a purple plume while this plate has an all matte finish and Jack is wearing a rust brown hat with a brown plume. Both versions are marked identically on the back


Sir John Falstaff is a fictional character who appears in three plays by William Shakespeare. The William J. Lemp Brewing Co. of St. Louis, Missouri produced Lemp as well as Fallstaff Beer. Between about 1900 and 1917, Lemp distributed several large very detailed and colorful lithographed charger shaped advertising signs featuring Sir Jack Fallstaff and incorporated the Lemp logo somewhere in the artwork. Later, after the Fallstaff name was sold, those same signs appeared with Fallstaff in the artwork. Lemp essentially created the widely recognised Jack Fallstaff character. How or why Jack Falstaff became a standard Meek Co – Dresden Art Plate design is presently unknown.

History: Lemp Brewing:  http://www.beerhistory.com/library/holdings/lemp1.shtml

Lemp Brewing – Jack Fallstaff Charger Sign circa 1917



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